Presentation at MontrealPython

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We will do a short presentation about PyMT at the next MontrealPython on April the 14th, hope to see your there !

Upgraded table

Upgraded table

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After some considerations, we chose a simple and «eco» solution: to modify, with the invaluable help of François Bergeron (carpenter), an unused table to support the acrylic surface. This installation is relatively simple. The surface, framed in an aluminum track with LED strips taped inside, is resting on the table support angles. We added a ...

PS3Eye alternative lenses

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(English subtiltles available by clicking the arrow at the bottom right.) In order to capture light «blobs» emitted by touching the acrylic surface surounded with LED lights (see preceding post), we use Sony’s PS3Eye. For this setup to be effective, we had to change the original lens for a wider-angle one. We used this tutorial ...

First blob test

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Preliminary experimentations with an acrylic board and infrared LED strips. LEDs were bought at Environment Lights and the acrylic board comes from Acrifab.  This sequence was shot with the PS3Eye webcam with the IR filter removed.  The light is not visible to the naked eye.

I/T – Interactive Table

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We are currently working on a multitouch surface inspired by the work of Jeff Han.  The goal of this project is to study human computer interaction.  The Natural User Interface Group and Touch Factors sites helped us greatly in the elaboration of this project.  We will use this blog to document our progress, we invite ...