phue: A Python library to control the Philips Hue system

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We’ve been interested in intelligent lighting for a while now. In 2010, we created a wireless light bulb prototype with the help of the Arduino platform. This prototype made the headlines of a few blogs like Make and Engadget. Two years later, Philips came up with a product that is very close to our original ...

Nice article on the Max ToolBox

Nice article on the Max ToolBox

Posted on Mar 6, 2010 in Max/MSP | 2 Comments

I just came upon a nice article by Ola Nordal about the Max ToolBox. For those who don’t know, the Max ToolBox is a small utility I wrote a few years back to facilitate patching in the Max/MSP environment, I’m glad to see people enjoy it ! Max ToolBox

Presentation of the table at SAT’s Forum Ouvert du Code, Tomorrow !

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We will be presenting our multitouch table along with some experiments in PyMT, Processing and Max/MSP at Forum Ouvert du Code de la SAT, tomorrow August the 10th. The Forum du Code is similar to a workshop, you can come experiment with the table and the other installations. Begins at 7pm @ 1195 St-Laurent à ...

Synchronization of multiple Google Calendars on the iPhone via calDAV

Posted on Jun 17, 2009 in iPhone | 2 Comments

The new iPhone OS version 3 just came out with much appreciated CalDAV support. While the main calendar is easy to setup, secondary calendars are a little harder to get to work. For the main calendar, you put “” in the address field and your usual Google login and password and that will add your ...

Demonstration of the table at Warper, this Tuesday

Posted on May 25, 2009 in Interactive table | 2 Comments

We will be demonstrating our multitouch table at the Warper party on Tuesday May 26th from 2pm to 6pm, here is more information on the event.

Presentation at MontrealPython

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We will do a short presentation about PyMT at the next MontrealPython on April the 14th, hope to see your there !

I/T – Interactive Table

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We are currently working on a multitouch surface inspired by the work of Jeff Han.  The goal of this project is to study human computer interaction.  The Natural User Interface Group and Touch Factors sites helped us greatly in the elaboration of this project.  We will use this blog to document our progress, we invite ...