List of tools to easily create a magazine digital edition

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I recently did a small research to evaluate the different tools facilitating the conversion of a micro-publication to a digital format easily readable on a tablet. Since I haven’t found an up-to-date article offering a simple list of these tools, I thought this might be helpful for others.

Free solutions
All free solutions I found are based on a HTML5/Javascript model that could ease the transition between platforms. I found them a little be too complicated for my needs, yet they are currently the only tool allowing autonomous publishing which is essential for smaller publications. PadCMS seems promising in that sense, but is still in development. An official Xcode template could also ease the effort for ios devices, but as yet to appear.

Paid solutions
Most paid solutions are structured as “software as service” encompassing the whole digital distribution process. This means publishers either have to pay for each new edition or even, in most offers, have to pay a monthly fee to maintain the distribution active. This may seem irrelevant to larger editors and publishers, but is quite inconvenient for homebrew magazines.

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