Hardware upgrades

Posted by on Nov 15, 2009 in Interactive table | 2 Comments

We recently made small upgrades to the first prototype.


The pico projector (Dell M109s) has been replaced with a much more powerful short throw (toshiba TDP-EW25). This allows us to have a bigger and clearer picture in various lighting conditions.


We also added a wheeled base to support and stabilise all of the components.

What’s next

As our first prototype (T/Iv1) is now solid, we will focus on the development of multitouch software projects (synthlab mt and bloblab). We are also eager to use the knowledge we acquired over the last year to develop custom hardware and software setups for various projects.


  1. ChristopheH
    %B %e%q, %Y

    Bonjour,juste pour info, vous utilisez de simples rideau noirs autour de votre table?Vous utilisez la technique Rear DI ou FTIR??

  2. Nat
    %B %e%q, %Y

    Bonjour, oui c’est un rideau noir.  Nous utilisons la technique FTIR.

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